Miraiden Gyuto 210mm

  • Miraiden Gyuto 210mm
  • Miraiden Gyuto 210mm
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The Japanese version of the classic Western chef's knife with a AUS10 core. A all-rounder which you can use to chop, cut and rock.

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    Product description

    The Gyuto is the Japanese version of the classic Western chef's knife. A all-rounder which you can use to chop, cut and rock.

    Due to the characteristic wide blade, your knuckles do not touch the cutting board when cutting and the hand with which you hold the material to be cut is protected. The curvature also allows you to rock, for example to finely chop herbs. The Gyuto's pointed blade tip is good for precise work in tight spaces. Finally, almost any part of the blade can be used for 'push-cut' or 'pull-cut'.

    Miraiden serie

    This series is made by young craftsman in Sakai, Osaka. ''Mirai'' means future and ''Den'' represents the craftsman. The series is created by new young craftsman who are learning the skills needed to become master craftsmen. This means that they are perfect knives under the watchful eye of the master and also help support the next generation of craftsmen.

    The blade is made of 2 layers of softer stainless steel on the outside and has a core of AUS10 steel. In practice easy to maintain with a whetstone or fine ceramic steel. The handle is made of burnt chestnut with a bolster of walnut. 

    AUS10 Steel

    Just like VG10 steel, AUS10 is a Japanese type of steel. VG-10 is by far the most commonly used steel in Japanese knives and is considered a premium steel. Yet both are almost equally hard and both can be sharpened very sharply.

    The biggest advantage of AUS10 is the price. It is a lot cheaper compared to VG10 knifes. In addition, the construction gives this series of AUS10 knives a beautiful simplistic and clean appearance.


    Store the knife with care, e.g. in a knife block or magnetic shelf. Keep the blade sharp with a sharpening steel (regularly) or whetstone (when necessary).

    Clean the blade with warm water and a little soap. Especially after cutting acidic products, it is recommended to clean the knife immediately. A Japanese knife can absolutely not be put in the dishwasher, both the blade and handle are irrevocably damaged.

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      Miraiden Gyuto 210mm

      Miraiden Gyuto 210mm

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