Mini (Ko-ume) Umeboshi 200gr

  • Mini (Ko-ume) Umeboshi 200gr
  • Mini (Ko-ume) Umeboshi 200gr
  • Mini (Ko-ume) Umeboshi 200gr
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Umeboshi is a traditional Japanese dish made from dried and preserved plums, in this case mini plums. They have a distinctive taste of sour, salty and sweetnes. Umeboshi is usually used as a filling for onigiri rice balls or bento boxes. In addition, it c

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    Mini Umeboshi

    Japanese pickled plums - sour, salty and sweet

    Mini Umeboshi are the small version of traditional Umeboshi only slightly less salty and with more flavor of the purple shiso.

    Umeboshi is a traditional Japanese preserved plum. "Ume" is the Japanese word for plum fruit and "boshi" means dry. It is a traditional and popular recipe that is made by pickling green and firm plums (Ao-ume) with salt and then letting it dry in the sun afterwards. The red color comes from the purple Shiso perilla leaves. Umeboshi has traditionally been used for medicinal purposes and was often taken on trips for emergencies.

    Umeboshi can be eaten as is, but can also be used as a seasoning. By pressing and crushing the umeboshi into a paste and combining it with sugar, mirin and soy sauce, "umeniku ae" can be made. This is a delicious addition to a salad. In addition, umeboshi is used in dishes with fish or to flavor rice.

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      Mini (Ko-ume) Umeboshi 200gr

      Mini (Ko-ume) Umeboshi 200gr

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