• Inoue Honten Shio Kōji

    Shio Kōji

    Ready source for umami. Will enrichen the taste of any taste.
    Keep refrigerated. (Available in 200 gram en 1 kg)

    € --,--

    • Inoue Honten Manyo Komachi White miso

    Manyo Komachi White miso

    Authentic hand-made brown miso. Aged for 1 year.

    € --,--

    • Inoue Honten Gotoku brown miso

    Gotoku brown miso

    Authentic hand-made brown miso. without any additives or preservatives.

    € --,--

    • Inoue Honten Dried koji rice

    Dried koji rice

    Kōji is a healthy fungus that is central to key ingredients of Japanese cuisine like soy sauce, miso and sake. With dried kōji rice you can easily make your own miso, shio kōji, amazake or any other fermented food.

    € --,--

    • Inoue Honten Ponzu Shoyu

    Ponzu Shoyu

    Exclusive citrus soy sauce, on the basis of long-matured artisanal Igeta dark soy sauce. With citrus-juice, bonito flakes and konbu seaweed.

    € --,--

    • Inoue Honten Light soy sauce - Igeta Usukuchi

    Light soy sauce - Igeta Usukuchi

    The light-colour Igeta usukuchi is especially good for cooking. 100% authentic soy sauce. Matured for 1 year, no additions.

    € --,--

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